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What are the benefits of using 54 grapple for compact tractors?

Whether you need to move fallen limbs to your firewood pile or clear brush around the house, a grapple is an ideal tool for handling moderate chores. They help make tasks much simpler and less time consuming.

The Single Add-A-Grapple fits buckets 59”-79” in width and has hydraulic couplers compatible with skid loader front bucket remote hydraulic systems. It is easily removed when loading a bucket.

1. Versatility

There are few attachments more versatile than a 54″ GRAPPLE FOR COMPACT TRACTOR | CID. Grapple rakes can do many of the same jobs as buckets and pallet forks but with the added ability to pick up downed limbs and large brush piles. They are also a great way to clean up storm damage and debris, eliminating the need to get on and off the tractor seat for every pass.

These heavy-duty grapples are made in the USA and come standard with dual hydraulic cylinders, protected sleeve hydraulic hoses, gusseted teeth and laminated tines. They are compatible with skid steer quick attach (SSQA) and John Deere quick attach equipped front end loaders.

The modular design allows the operator to remove all but one of the ‘clamp’ or ‘rake’ sections, allowing the operator to dig a narrow hole or trench if necessary. The single ‘rake’ section weighs only 90 lbs and the ‘clamp’ section is 240 lbs, making this one of the lightest and strongest grapples on the market.

2. Easy to Operate

A claw grapple is a great attachment for moving logs, brush and debris around the property. It is also ideal for transporting firewood or lengths of pipe. They work great for grabbing and moving items that are hard to lift with a pallet fork.

Whether you’re removing roots, transporting brush piles, or clearing a landscape, you will be impressed with how simple it is to use this versatile tool. A new style of grapple is available that will elevate your sub-compact tractor’s ability to handle bigger jobs. This 54 inch Independence Series Grapple is the perfect do-it-all attachment that works well for tractors with between fifteen and thirty horsepower. This lightweight tool will transport a variety of materials, move fence posts and root balls, dig up large boulders, carry medium-sized logs, and eradicate thick underbrush or invasive plants.

It features dual hydraulic cylinders, protected sleeve hydraulic hoses and gussetted tines. This model includes one male and one female 3/8″ hydraulic couplers to plug into the tractor’s three-point loader system. If your tractor has different coupler sizes or types, any farm & ranch supply store can provide you with the appropriate adapters.

3. Easy to Maintain

Whether you need to move brush piles, transport firewood or clear dead logs from your property, this grapple attachment will do it all. It’s even useful for cleaning up after storm damage.

This model is specifically designed for utility tractors with fifty-five to one hundred horsepower. It features extra structural support, additional teeth, and thicker steel to support the added power of larger tractors.

If you own a sub-compact or compact tractor with a bucket that is between 60” and 63” in width, this Single Add A Grapple is an easy and affordable way to outfit your tractor with the ability to grapple. It’s also easy to remove when your loader is working. If your tractor does not have front bucket remote hydraulic connections, they can be easily added by ordering the MP020 X-tra Valve Kit crewlogout. This attachment is made in the USA and has heavy duty features like greaseable pivot points and 2” bore by 10” stroke cylinders.

4. Economical

Grapples make handling a variety of material much easier. They can be used to clean stalls, move round hay bales, lift debris and more. These durable attachments are built from high-tensile AR400 steel, so they can stand up to demanding use. They are available in both 50″ and 55″ models to suit your tractor’s needs.

You can easily add a grapple to your tractor by adding a hose and hydraulic fittings to the front bucket remote hydraulic system (optional). Just keep in mind that the grapple can increase the loader’s weight by up to 50%, so it is important to choose a model that doesn’t significantly reduce the loader’s usable lift capacity.

This heavy-duty root grapple features 13″ Hardox 450 teeth to dig up roots, transport medium to large logs, and eradicate thick underbrush or invasive vegetation. It’s the perfect do-it-all attachment for utility tractors with cylinder sizes over fifty-five horsepower. The wide opening and heavy duty tines ensure that this grapple rake will hold up to the toughest jobs.

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