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Navigating the social spaces if you think you are socially awkward

You do not hate people per se, but you are also not comfortable around them. You know you do not appear as adorable as Bridget Jones, and come on, she was fictional to begin with. You break into hives when left alone with people, and yet, you cannot live life as a hermit. So, what should you do?

The dilemmas of the socially awkward

Being socially awkward means being ill at ease in social settings. You may say things that you do not mean, or you might make physical gestures that are inappropriate. It may also happen that your awkwardness causes you to broach subjects which you absolutely should not. Or you become clumsy.

Some people might have social anxiety, which causes them to not necessarily make mistakes, but they are uncomfortable in social settings. Even though their demeanor might be completely fine, things in their head are anything but.

Social anxiety can lead to great problems with your mental health, meriting the intervention of a Psychiatrist in Lahore then. As networking is vital for to get ahead in life, their prospects are also likewise affected.

However, all is not hopeless and grim. You can overcome, or at least pretend to, overcome such situations.

Overcoming social awkwardness

Understand your behavior

You did not wake up one fine day and decided you are socially awkward; something must have happened to make you feel so. Before you try fixing the problem, perhaps address the root cause. If you can find the reason why you have social anxiety, it will become easier for your mind to get closure over it and move on from it.

Sit with the feeling; it is okay

If you try to focus a lot on your discomfort, chances are, you will self-sabotage or continue being miserable. A better approach is to accept the feeling of discomfort. Unless you focus too much on it, it will abate on its own. Your body is not meant to stay anxious and stressed for long periods.

Therefore, shift your focus on other people, the room, and the atmosphere. Once your brain stops analyzing how awkward you are, your confidence levels will also improve.

It happens; accept and move on

Social awkwardness can, at times, manifest in the form of major bloopers like tripping or making other things fall. If you ruminate in the misery of the blooper, your awkwardness will increase. It will also be harder for the rest of the people to move on from the situation.

Instead, accept that it happened, laugh it off and give yourself the benefit of being a human and thus making a mistake.

Reading the room helps

One way to overcome your awkwardness around social interactions is to read the room. Some environments require composure and panache, others are easy going. Instead of then making a mistake and then beating yourself over it, just take a minute to analyze the crowd, and fix your conduct accordingly.

Believe in yourself

If you nitpick yourself, try to put yourself down and never let go of the shame around that one incident, you will continue breaking into hives when in social gatherings.

Instead, have faith in your abilities to seamlessly navigate the social gathering. Believe in your ability to be likeable. You are enough the way you are, and even if you have had an awkward moment or two, embrace it. These bloopers are a part of you, so you need to stop being apologetic about yourself.

Getting professional help

If you suspect that yours is a case of social anxiety, and not simply awkwardness, you can visit the Best Psychiatrist in Karachi. An expert can help you understand your condition and allow you to cope with it better. Even if it is simply a case of awkwardness, you can consult a counselor as to how to overcome it. Life is not a romantic comedy, and not everyone has room to appear adorably awkward.

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