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Hong Kong National Anthem

Hong Kong National Anthem That Has The Significance

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government expressed its profound regret and opposition to the Asia Rugby Seven Series’ use of a song closely associated with violent demonstrations and demanded an investigation.

The men’s final between Hong Kong and South Korea of the second leg of the rugby games, which was played yesterday in Incheon, South Korea, was played instead of the national anthem of the People’s Republic of China, according to a statement released today by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government. The song is closely linked to violent protests and the independence movement in 2019, as well as being closely associated with 2019.

“The national anthem is a symbol of our country,” it said. The tournament’s organizer has a responsibility to see that the national anthem is treated with the respect it deserves.

“We have already written to the Hong Kong Rugby Union last evening, requesting that they take this situation seriously, begin an extensive investigation, provide a thorough report, and voice our severe disapproval to Asia Rugby, the series’ organizer.”

Asia Rugby has already apologized to the union for the incident based on the preliminary information supplied by the Hong Kong Rugby Union to the Culture, Sports & Tourism Bureau.

In addition to reiterating that the national anthem audio filed by the coach of the Hong Kong squad was accurate, Asia Rugby noted that the inaccuracy was the result of a rookie member of the local organizer’s staff making a mistake.

As soon as the incorrect music started playing in the stadium, the Hong Kong team alerted the organizer of the problem.

After the game, the organizer apologized publicly for the error and, after the Hong Kong team won the final, played the proper hong kong national anthem at the award presentation ceremony.

The third leg of the Asia Rugby Seven Series will be staged in Dubai at the end of the month, and the Hong Kong rugby squad will take part. The Hong Kong Rugby Union has previously been asked by the Hong Kong SAR Government to make sure that instances like this don’t happen again.

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